Things I learned at Science Camp (Part 2)

A neuroscientist at #scicommcamp told us a really interesting fact about the human eye. It's apparently designed in a completely illogical way (at least, it seems so at first glance)! The photoreceptors are in the of the eyeball, with a whole network of nerves on top of them, blocking light from getting to the receptors. So our eyes aren't as sensitive as they could be. 

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Is There Life In the Universe? An Astronomer's Opinion

As an astronomer, the question people ask me most often is: “Do aliens exist?” Most people believe that astronomers possess some secret insight into this age-old question that we are simply hiding from the public. In reality, there is no consensus among scientists. Astronomers generally settle into two camps; those who believe that life is extremely rare, and we may be the only intelligent life in the universe, and those who believe that life is common, and the only reason we haven’t heard from E.T. is the vast distance between habitable worlds. Here we examine both arguments.

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Inspired at least in part by conversations at ComSciCon 2015, I've decided to start practicing science writing via this blog that I'm relatively certain few people will ever see. I plan to write about any topics that I find interesting, which will mainly include answers to questions 3rd graders ask me during outreach events, or topics that come up over holiday conversations with distant relatives. I hope it's useful to someone! I'll be sure to include lots of visual aids and links to articles for further reading! I'll tweet about it whenever I post something new.