Physics Education Research Journal Club (Co-founder)


Education Research Project

Along with several other graduate students and lecturers in the Physics and Astronomy Department, I am working on an education project to identify successful teaching practices in undergraduate courses. We are applying the COPUS classroom observation protocol and engaging our students in pre- and post- course standardized testing to measure learning gains. We hope to publish our findings in a peer-reviewed educational journal. This work will also comprise a chapter of my PhD thesis.

Education Courses

  • Language Structure and Acquisition (UCLA Education Department)
  • Social Foundations (UCLA Education Department)
  • Educational Psychology (UCLA Education Department)
  • Secondary Content and Literacy Methods (UCLA Education Department)
  • Teaching College Physics (UCLA Physics and Astronomy Department)
  • Central Seminar (UCLA Office of Instructional Development) (website)
  • An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching (online)

Education Workshops and Seminars