I was one of the two founding members of the SciComm Hub - a resource page for graduate students planning to pursue careers in science education, outreach, and communication. I continue to contribute to the content development of the website, and help to plan SciComm Hub networking events. I also authored a blog post entitled 5 Tips for Becoming a Better TA.

I attended ComSciCon 2015 in Boston, and helped to start a SciComm101 conference at UCLA using some of the same activities from ComSciCon. Some of the videos taken at ComSciCon are included below. 

I also started a blog called "Lab Gab", where I interview graduate student researchers about their lab and field work, and write blog posts for the general public. Check out the blog here

ComSciCon "Pop Talk"

(describe your research in 1 minute or less without using jargon)


ComSciCon "Mock Interview"