Astronomy Live! is UCLA's Physics and Astronomy outreach program, which is entirely run by graduate students in the Physics and Astronomy Department. We organize and run many outreach activities throughout the year, including events in local high schools (prioritizing Title 1 schools). Our largest event - Exploring Your Universe (EYU) - attracted over 5,500 people of all ages to UCLA in November 2014. We were able to raise over $40,000 in donations and small grants to support this event in 2014 alone.

During the school year, we typically visit anywhere from 2-4 schools per month, bringing hands-on interactive demonstrations that fit into elementary and middle school curricula. We also offer a research-based 8-week summer workshop for high school students.

In the past year, we began to coordinate with the UCLA Physics Demonstration Lab as well as the Institute for Planets and Exoplanets (iPLEX) and the Models and Educational Demonstrations Lab (MEDL) to create an outreach application which is now used widely by schools and organizations requesting outreach events.

We are always actively updating and adding to our library of demonstrations. In 2014, we hired two undergraduate students (Yiqing Song and Ryan Marakas) to re-design our most well-loved demonstrations. Please click here to see our active demos.